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Hire Expert SEO Manager from India

Search Engine Optimization has to be in your marketing strategy to achieve your business goals. It is a tough task to find the right SEO expert who can educate and benefit you with her/his knowledge. Also, the increasing ratio of SEO Managers and executive frequently changing job makes the process of keeping an in-house dedicated SEO manager difficult. We, Digital Marketers India, have a solution for you.

We have cost effective remote SEO Manager or executive hiring models. You may choose based on your requirement and budget. We have a team of well trained and cherry picked SEO experts who have proven record to get measurable results for customers. Hire an SEO expert to take care of all SEO activities and you just enjoy the results gained.

When you should hire a dedicated Search Engine Optimization expert?

Of course, it is a matter of choice, but below are the best scenarios where hiring a dedicated SEO expert will give the best ROI:

  • If your business nature is too dynamic such as News Company, PR agency, etc.
  • If you have multiple projects to be handled
  • If you need to communicate those amazing ideas to your teammate on daily or more frequent basis
  • If you need to done only one part of the SEO job based on your instruction such as off page optimization, link building, etc.

In alternate cases, opting for monthly SEO services will be in your favor.

Our SEO Expert will perform following activities for your one or more project(s):

  • Research and Analysis (Keywords, Competitors, etc.)
  • Website optimization
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Content Strategy and Distribution
  • Coordination with
    • developer to apply recommendation to make website SEO friendly
    • other members of marketing and business development team
    • content writer to get engaging and SEO friendly content
    • you/your project manager
  • Reporting

You will get free SEO consultancy service from our director, Ash Vyas, who has a decade long experience in the digital marketing field.

Based on your requirement, you can hire:

  • SEO Expert (7+ years experienced)
  • SEO Manager (5+ years experienced)
  • SEO Executive (3-5 years experienced)
  • SEO executive (1-2 years experienced)
  • SEO Trainer (10 years experience)

Hiring models for SEO professionals:

  • Full time (160 hours/month)
  • Part time (80 hours/month)
  • Hourly basis (as much as you need)

Our SEO professionals are trained and mentored to work both, as a team leader and a team member to contribute to the growth of the company.

We offer Remote or on-site SEO training service to train your SEO team to work at their best by learning the best SEO practices from the industry expert.

Why To Hire an SEO Expert from Digital Marketers India?

  • Client centric approach
  • Google Certified professionals
  • Well trained SEO team by the SEO experts
  • Work approach to stay in pace or ahead of trends and algorithms
  • Measurable results
  • Transparent working model
  • No long term contracts
  • Different options for hiring an SEO, based on need and budget

Let us recommend what will suit best to you. Contact us to discuss your requirement and get free consultation!