Animation Video Service

Animation Video Service: Script Writing, Design and Development

Video is the most effective and preferred way to pass your message to consumers in today’s fast-paced world in which users are not really keen to read along with informative articles or sales pitch webpage. Why don’t you take benefit of our animated video design and development services!

We, Digital Marketers India, have a team of creative video scriptwriters, innovative graphic designers, and illustrators, storyboarding experts and professional voice-over artists from across the globe. We have experience in producing high quality and engaging videos for our customers.

What do we offer?

  • Video script writing
  • Video animation
    • Product Video
    • Custom Whiteboard video
    • Goanimate video
    • Motion graphics video
    • Explainer Video
  • Professional voice over
  • Background music

Request-based video coverage for following types of video:

  • Webinar
  • Testimonial
  • Interview
  • Educational/Tutorial
  • Event coverage
  • Company culture

Also, we offer video optimization from expert Video marketers if you order 3+ videos.

Contact us to see our work portfolio and discuss your video animation requirement.