Digital Audit Service: SEO, SMM, Website

Digital Audit Service: SEO, SMM, Website Audit To Review Your Marketing Plan and Strategy by Experts

There are many companies which are investing thousands to millions of dollars on digital marketing services, but not getting expected results. You must have TEAM Of EXPERTs or must have outsourced your digital marketing service to the best digital marketing company in the world still a different eye always work to find the holes in the current strategy. We offer professional Digital Audit Service at the fee as low as 3000 INR.

The Digital Audit Service is a one-time activity in which our experienced Digital Marketing Experts run an Audit on your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, SMM (Social Media Marketing) activities and PPC (Pay Per Click aka Paid Advertising) campaigns. We, Digital Marketers India, create a detailed report based on the analysis which would clearly highlight:

  • Strength of current digital marketing strategy
  • Weak points of current digital marketing strategy

The report will give a clearer idea of areas of improvement which can help you to fine-tune your SEO, SMO, and PPC campaigns so you can achieve expected results.

The Digital Audit Service includes the following activities:

  • Website analysis
    • On page factors including Title & Meta audit
    • Content
    • Internal link structure
    • Hyperlinks
    • Broken links
    • 404 page
    • Bad links
    • Backlinks
    • Images
    • Sitemap
    • And many more
  • Social media profile analysis
  • Paid campaign Analysis
  • SEO strategy Analysis

The Basic Digital Audit Service starts at as low as 3000 INR of a one-time fee.

Allow Digital Marketing Experts to ensure your team is practicing the latest Digital Marketing trends of SEO, SMM, and PPC. Make sure you’re actually reaping the best possible returns over your investment. And most importantly, make sure your SEO team is not still following old schooled SEO activities which may hurt your website in the long run.

Take suggestions from experts at a nominal cost. To know more, contact us NOW!