Hire Digital Marketing Expert

Hire Expert Digital Marketing Manager from India

Digital marketing is comprised of multiple channels such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), Email Marketing, so on and so forth. If you want to utilize each digital marketing channel in favor of your business, then hiring a dedicated digital marketing expert can be a great choice for short and long term.

We, Digital Marketers India, have designed a flexible hiring model for hiring a Digital Marketing expert. Our team has a solid work background with years of experience working in diversified industry verticals. We can help you design and execute your digital marketing projects with the best possible returns.

When you should hire a digital marketing expert?

Of course, it is a matter of choice, but below are the best scenarios where hiring a dedicated Digital Marketing expert will give the best ROI:

  • When you have multiple projects to be taken care of with digital marketing
  • When you want to leverage all organic and paid marketing channels
  • When you need to coordinate with your digital marketer on an ongoing basis about the ideas and marketing strategies

In any other case, going for fixed cost Digital Marketing Service will be more beneficial.

Our Digital Marketing Experts will perform the following activities for your one or more project(s):

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy building and execution
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy building and execution
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign setup, strategizing and execution
  • Coordination with you and your team for marketing material and collateral
  • Reporting

Our Digital Marketing Experts will handle both types of campaigns:

  • Organic
  • Paid

Based on your requirement, you can hire:

  • Digital Marketing Expert (8+ years experienced)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (5+ years experienced)
  • Digital Marketing Trainer (10 years experience)

Hiring models for Digital Marketing Professionals:

  • Full time (160 hours/month)
  • Part time (80 hours/month)
  • Hourly basis (as much as you need)

Our Digital Marketing professionals are trained and mentored to work both, as a team leader and a team member to contribute to the growth of the company.

We offer remote or on-site training of Digital Marketing (all or selected channels) to train your digital marketers for the perfect use of Digital Marketing.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Expert from Digital Marketers India?

  • Client-centric approach
  • Experience working with different digital marketing channels
  • Strong work portfolio
  • Reputation management expertise
  • Measurable results
  • Transparent working model
  • No long term contracts
  • Different options for hiring a Digital Marketer, based on need and budget

Let us recommend what will suit best to you. Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a free consultation!