Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Service for Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing for Businesses

Email Marketing has been one of the best channels to stay in touch with your contacts to keep them aware of different happenings and offerings of the company. Also, email marketing is the most effective channel for lead nurturing. It helps in keeping the communication live with your existing and past customers in a strategic way.

We, Digital Marketers India, offer strategic email marketing services to benefit our customers with this amazing channel of marketing and business development. Please be noted, we neither offer nor support Blind email broadcasting services. We practice and insist on highly strategic white hat email marketing services.

Key Benefits of running regular or occasional email marketing campaign are listed below:

  • Product or Service awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Improved repeat and reference business ratio
  • Branding

Key Email Marketing Service offering by Digital Marketers India:

One Time (Request based services):

This is a one time service that is offered for a single email marketing campaign. You can take benefit of one or more services mentioned in the below list:

  • Email strategy and consultancy
  • Email content writing
  • Email template design
  • Email campaign setup
  • Sending emails to a predefined list of contacts
  • Report

Monthly or Recurring:

This is a strategic email marketing service that is performed at a specific time interval, such as once or twice in a month or quarter. This service is designed to benefit our customers to utilize our email marketing efforts in their favor with regular email marketing services for lead generation and lead nurturing purpose:

  • Company newsletter
    We send weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters to the contacts so they can stay in touch with the company and different offerings and achievement of the company. This is the most beneficial email marketing technique for cross-selling, up-selling and Branding.
  • Offer or discount email marketing
    We send a specifically designed email to a group of people to make them aware of recently launched or available offering or discounts. These types of email marketing campaigns help in direct lead generation.
  • Theme based lead nurturing emails
    The available lead contacts are segmented into different groups. Then, the audience group, specific email campaigns are run to keep the nurtured lead ratio high. This type of email marketing campaign helps in improving lead retention ratio, which results in improved repeat and referral business.
  • Custom email marketing campaign
    We design and run a custom email marketing campaign based on the requirement. This campaign can be about an event, product launch, etc.

Our monthly email marketing campaign includes all below-listed services:

  • Email content writing
  • Simple or custom email template design
  • Lead segmentation
  • Email campaign setup and configuration
  • Lead segmentation, if needed
  • Auto and custom respond to email replies
  • Reports

Let’s have a discussion in which we can explain in more details about how email marketing can benefit you and your business. Contact us now!